wedding at la posta vecchia

A Roman Fairytale Unfolded: Alex and Kylie’s Unforgettable Wedding Journey

From New York to Rome to celebrate the big day. Alex and Kylie, embraced by their families and surrounded by dear friends, ventured across the globe to tie the knot in the enchanting embrace of Italy. The quintessential warm Italian climate set the perfect stage for their fairy-tale wedding.

Their choice of ‘La Posta Vecchia’ Hotel for preparations was a stroke of brilliance, setting the scene for a day of timeless elegance. And then came the momentous ceremony at the ‘Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo,’ an ancient, breathtaking church adorned with a masterpiece by the maestro ‘Caravaggio.’

Picture this: the newlyweds, aglow with happiness, pausing for a snapshot against the backdrop of the majestic ‘Basilica di San Pietro’ before embarking on their next chapter aboard a vintage Fiat 500. An iconic moment, perfectly captured as they made their way back to ‘La Posta Vecchia.’

And we were there, every step of the way, to immortalize their ‘Day.’

As videographers, it’s our passion and privilege to not merely document moments but to encapsulate emotions, weaving together a tapestry of memories that will forever be etched in their hearts. For Alex and Kylie, their wedding wasn’t just an event—it was a celebration of love, and we were honored to craft a unique, personalized cinematic treasure for them.

Every smile, every tear of joy, every tender glance shared between the couple—the essence of their day was encapsulated in our lenses. It wasn’t just a job; it was an endeavor fueled by love and dedication.

Alex and Kylie’s wedding day will forever live on in the masterpiece we’ve crafted—crafted with love, and narrated through our lenses.

So here’s to love that knows no boundaries and to a couple whose journey from New York to Rome now exists as a timeless tale, captured frame by frame in a video that will forever be a cherished part of their story.

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